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NEW – Real Estate Pack

It’s taken several years to get all the documents together but we’ve finally done it.

We’ve just launched our Property Investors Kit with a view to providing all of the documents you would need if you were prone to property investment.

Now we have not ventured into the conveyancing realm, but we have developed a value packed product that save’s you substantial time and money when leasing Commercial, Retail, Residential and Agricultural property.

The way we see it, if you are investing in property then you have to maximise your return on investment. If you are the type of investor who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty so to speak and managing your property portfolio yourself makes sense, then this kit has the potential to literally save you thousands of dollars.

Because Australia’s real estate laws differ for each state and territory, we’ve combined all of the property related products we offer into comprehensive state based value packs.

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