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Employee Performance Management Template and Guidelines

This Employee Performance Management Template and Guidelines is a written framework you can use to set, monitor and review performance goals for your employee.

Managing employee performance is a vital factor of the success of any business, which is why large businesses hire HR (Human Resources) people to look after their staff.

But even if you run a small business it’s important to nurture your employees so you get the best out of them

The Fair Work Ombudsman states that “Establishing effective performance management systems can have significant benefits for your business, as it can lead to happier, more motivated and better performing employees. Reviewing, refining and implementing performance management systems are ways of helping achieve these significant benefits.”

Even if you don’t have a background in HR, this practical and educational
document will outline how and why you should conduct performance management.

It Includes easy to use templates for Performance Reviews, Performance Improvement Plans along with all template documents to support formal disciplinary processes.

This pack also provides support for assisting Managers navigate the performance management process where formal disciplinary action may be necessary.

What is Performance Management?

In simple terms PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT is a regular 10-30 minutes procedure with two main steps and a 1-2 page template.

Step 1 – Set and agree on tasks/plans/objectives and future reward

Step 2 – Review and Reward

It is usually executed between the direct manager and the employee on an annual (or half-year/quarterly) basis.

This small investment in time and paperwork allows you to keep an eye on performance and expectations, facilitates open communication and strengthens the bonds within your team. 

What’s in the Employee Performance Management Template and Guidelines Pack?

The Pack covers clear explanation of what to do and gives you the templates to record the information.

The templates and letters include:

  • performance review agreement template
  • performance improvement plan template
  • Notice of Meeting Letter template
  • Warning Letter template
  • Show Cause Letter template
  • Termination Letter template

employee management guidelines sample

employee management template sample

Sample 2 Employee performance management

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