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Residential Tenancy Agreement Tasmania

Maintaining consistent returns on your property investment is getting harder in todays economic climate.

A fundamental way of cutting costs is to manage the rental of the property yourself.

With a little guidance and the right forms, such as a professionally drafted tenancy agreement, handling your rental arrangement is easier than you might think.

RP Emery’s residential tenancy kit provides all the forms and documentation you need to establish your new tenancy to a professional standard with a minimum of fuss.

Use this agreement whenever you wish to lease a residential premises (house, unit, townhouse etc) to one or more people in exchange for money (rent).

Buy TAS residential tenancy agreement kit
Premium Residential Tenancy Kit $59.95

Buy Basic TAS residential tenancy agreement kit
Basic Residential Tenancy Agreement $39.95

Drafted by Professionals to Conform with the Act

This Kit has been professionally drafted to comply with the specifications of the Residential Tenancies Act of 1997.

Download Immediately, Easy to Edit, Re-usable

The Rental Agreement is provided to you as a Word document which means it is easy to edit and can be used as many times as you wish.

This agreement includes an Instructional VideoWe also provide an instructional video (viewed in the Members Area) that shows you how to complete the agreement and fulfil other essential obligations.

Benefits of TAS Tenancy agreement template kit

Partial list of Provisions

Provisions Tasmania Tenancy

Sample Tasmania Rental Agreement Excerpts – click to enlarge

Click Through For Tasmanian Residential Tenancy Sample

Click through for Tasmania Residential Tenancy Lease Sample

Click Through For Enlarged Sample of Tasmanian Residential Tenancy Lease

Sample 4 TAS Tenancy

Select the Option to suit your needs

The Basic Tenancy Agreement Kit supplies the documents you need to establish the tenancy – see the table below.

By choosing to upgrade to the Premium Residential Tenancy Kit you will get everything in the Basic kit along with additional documents and forms that Landlords need to take care of the tenancy arrangement on an ongoing basis.

Inevitably issues will crop up and the Act is absolute, in its direction, that communications with the tenant must adhere to prescribed formats.
Just think how much easier it will be to have the correct form or notice on hand, any time you need them!

Save yourself the aggravation of searching for the correct forms later – upgrade to the Premium Kit now.


Basic Premium
TAS Residential Tenancy Agreement Tick Tick
Condition Report Tick Tick
Tenancy Application Form Tick Tick
Getting Started Document Tick Tick
Friendly Customer Support Tick Tick
Access to Landlords Resources Tick
Consent to Structural Alteration Form Tick
Extension of Lease Form Tick
Landlords Consent to Sublet Premises Form Tick
Landlords Consent Transfer Lease Form Tick
Late Rent First Notice and Second Notice Tick
Notice to Increase Rent Tick
Notice as to Disposal of Goods Tick
Notice of Intended Inspection Tick
Notice to Vacate Tick
Payment Plan Tick
Pet Agreement Tick
Receipt and Key Agreement Tick
Rent Receipt Book (Spreadsheet) Tick
Tenant’s Request for Maintenance Tick
Warning to Remove Unauthorised Pets Tick
$39.95 $59.95

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Our fully secured shopping cart allows you to purchase and download your Tas Residential Tenancy Rental Agreement Package safely. Within moments you can access the document templates you need to rent your investment property.

Australian Law

Our Agreements are drafted to comply with Australian Law

Professionally Drafted

The agreements are professionally drafted by Australian Law Experts

Instant Download

No Need to Wait. Download the Agreements Instantly

Easy to use

Plain English - No Legalese. Your Agreement is easy to use, edit and understand