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Storage Space Licence Agreement

This Storage Space Lease or Licence agreement is used when the Licensor owns or occupies space of which a portion can be rented to another “the Storer” as storage space.

This document sets out the terms of the space rental, placing clear boundaries on the relationship. It ensures that each party understands their obligations and covers the following issues:

  • licence fees – amount , frequency, method of payment
  • bond amount
  • rental term
  • care of the premises
  • dangerous goods
  • indemnity
  • liability and loss
  • breaches to the agreement

Putting a written contract in place saves you from being in the uncomfortable position of arguing over who said what, which can often happen when you rely on verbal agreements.

Need more information? See this article which explains the difference between a licence and a lease.

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Sample Excerpt of Storage Space Area Licence Agreement Template

Storage space lease agreement excerpt

Storage space licence sample

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