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RP Emery Refund Policy

Satisfaction Guaranteed – Our Promise to You

RP Emery and Associates strive to provide products of the highest standard in order to guarantee your complete satisfaction.

In addition to the protections provided by Australia’s consumer laws, our refund policy guarantees that the products you purchase from us are fit for the purpose set out on the website information and sales pages.

refund Policy Satisfaction GuaranteedIf for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase or our service, please phone our office on 0266725904 within seven (7) days of purchase and we will rectify the situation, issue a refund or offer a credit towards future purchases.

We play fair and we expect our customers will too.

You will understand that because these products are essentially digitally delivered information once you have that information there is no way to return it, however we still have a process to offer refunds. 

  • If you are unhappy we want to know why.
  • If a product does not meet your needs we want to know why.
  • If you are so dissatisfied with our service that you would not recommend us to your friends we need to know why.

Customer feedback, good or bad is the gauge we use to understand whether we are meeting your expectations of product quality, exceptional service and satisfaction.

As such we do not offer a no questions asked Money Back Guarantee… in fact we have to ask questions and all we expect is that you will play fair in return.

We reserve the right to refuse a refund request if we believe our refund policy is being abused or that the customer will continue to use the product in breach of our Intellectual Property rights.

If you have a technical problem that prevents you from using the product, in most cases we will be able to solve it together. If we can’t solve the problem and you fail to get the benefit of the product, then we will refund your money in full.

If you can tell us why the product purchased has failed to meet your expectations and we feel your claim is reasonable, we will refund your money.

Above all, if you make a claim for a refund we are looking for information from you that will lead us to improve the product, amend our product information or deliver an improved customer experience.

Our guarantee has two functions: to assist us in the continual improvement of our products and services and to maintain the loyalty of our customers. With this in mind we hope you will let us know if you’re not delighted with our products or services and give us the chance to make things right.


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