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People and Relationship Contracts

Choose from our wide range of People and Relationship Contract Templates and Resources.

defacto and marriageDefacto and Marriage (Financial) Agreements

Are you moving in with a partner or getting married? A Financial Agreement will help you feel more at ease about your financial future because you will be able to quarantine assets and/or debt. You can implement a Financial Agreement before or after moving in together or before or after the wedding day. Suitable for both heterosexual and same sex couples.

separation and divorceSeparation and Divorce (Financial) Agreements

Separating from a partner? Avoid the cost and heartache of combative lawyers by using a Financial Agreement. It will allow you to document your property settlement more peacefully and with less stress. Suitable for defacto, married or divorced couples, heterosexual or same sex.

Loan and Money AgreementsLoans and Money

Lending money can be fraught with difficulty. You can minimise the problems and potential for conflict by documenting the rules for the loan up front with these loan contract templates.

partnership and companyPartnerships and Company Contracts

Going into business with other is exciting. Pave the way for success by clearly articulating the framework for the partnership, company or Joint Venture Contracts.

Estate PlanningEstate Planning Agreements

Unless you live as a hermit with nothing to your name, we all have an Estate. Your estate is made up of everything you own and everything you owe, similar to an assets and liabilities statement.  Some will acquire great wealth in their lifetime and others will have higher priorities, but one thing is sure – you can’t take it with you.

Estate Planning allows you to peer into the future and leave instructions for how you would like to deal with your worldly possessions.

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