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Licence to use Copyright Material

Use this Copyright Licence Agreement when you wish to permit another party to reprint or publish copyright material.

Copyright automatically subsists in certain types of works in Australia by virtue of the Copyright Act, 1968.

These works include books, films, music, sound recordings, articles and artwork. Copyright also extends to works such as media broadcasts, computer programs and data bases.

The Copyright Act allows you to licence others to use your copyright work, for instance, by broadcasting it or publishing it.

This Agreement can be used where the owner of copyright material wishes to license another person the right to reprint and publish copyright material.

It allows the Licensor to define the rights of the Licensee and the manner in which they may use the Copyright Material.

To use this document, simply click to download, complete the Agreement in Word by inserting the necessary information where needed and amending it to suit your own needs, print and save – it’s as simple as that.

By purchasing this Agreement, you will be able to use it again and again as needed.

You will also receive any updates free of charge when this Agreement is reviewed from time to time to ensure it remains current and up to date with any changes in the law.

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Licence to Use Copyright Material Agreement

Licence to Use Copyright Material Agreement
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