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Intellectual Property (IP) Licence Agreement

This intellectual property licence agreement allows the IP owner to grant another entity (whether an individual or organisation) the right to use (but not own) the IP in exchange for consideration.

When a business or individual owns valuable Intellectual Property (IP), the question of how to generate income from that IP is uppermost?

Allowing someone else to use your patents, trademarks or designs through a Licensing arrangement is one effective method of generating that income.

You may license the IP

  • for use in a defined territory,
  • for a certain period of time or
  • until a certain milestone is reached.

Grant the right to use but not own the IP

Under a licensing arrangement, the IP owner grants another person or organisation the right to use (but not own) the IP in exchange for consideration. The consideration may be a periodic cash payment, an ongoing royalty linked to product sales or production or shares in the organisation that has the rights to exploit the IP. In fact you can get as inventive as you like with the structure of your agreement, it’s really up to you.

Licensing arrangements are a popular strategy when skills are needed to bring the product of the IP to market. You may be considering entering into an arrangement with a manufacturer, a marketing partner or simply someone else who possesses the skills that you need.

Whatever you need, its imperative to protect your interests in writing with a well drafted contract. Our IP Licensing agreement is comprehensive document that will provide the legal framework for your own agreement by addressing the following issues:

Provisions included

  • The Licence
  • The Period of the Agreement
  • Exclusivity
  • Options to Extend the Licence Period
  • Licence Fees and Royalties
  • Licensee’s Undertakings
  • Audits And Accounts
  • Business Liability
  • Confidentiality
  • Restraint
  • Quality Control
  • Assignment
  • Assurances
  • Costs and Taxes
  • Termination
  • Force Majeure
  • Legal Relationship
  • Employees
  • Representation And Warranty
  • Severability
  • Notices 

Intellectual Property Licence Agreement Template Excerpt

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Sample document Intellectual Property Licence Agreement Template

Sample page 2 Intellectual Property Licence Agreement Template

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Our IP Licence sets out detailed provisions to help you control, manage and protect your Intellectual property rights.

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