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Independent Sole Trader Contractors Agreements

This Professionally drafted Independent Sole Trader Contractor Agreement is available for immediate download.

Engaging independent consultants can be a great way for business owners to get the help they need, when they need it, without committing to ongoing wage costs.

A consultant or contractor can fill in the gaps of your organisation providing you with specialised staff, specialised knowledge or just some extra hands on deck as required.

When engaging a contractor it’s important to have a clear understanding of the precise nature of the services to be provided because it increases the likelihood of you actually getting what you want.

A written contract provides the framework

A written contract provides the framework for the expectations of the relationship and what you are trying to achieve together. It places clear boundaries on the relationship, and ensures that each party knows:-

  • what is expected of them and
  • what they are entitled to.

This Independent Sole Trader Contractor Agreement spells out the exact nature of the arrangement, defining the rights and obligations of the parties. It specifies that the payer agrees to engage the contractor as a sole trader on an independent contractor basis.

The agreement includes strict restraint, confidentiality and intellectual property provisions to bind the contractor while still providing the foundation for a healthy ongoing relationship.

Putting an agreement like this in place saves you from being in the uncomfortable position of arguing over who said what, which can often happen when you rely on verbal agreements.

Professionally drafted – easy to use template can be used over and over

This Agreement Template with easy-to-follow instructions has been formatted for your convenience using Microsoft Word and is available for immediate download.

You can use your template agreement time after time, simply edit the fields as you require, save and print your agreement.

Benefits of Independent Sole Trader Contractor agreement template kit

Provisions included-


Sample Document Excerpt

Sample Independent Sole Trader Contractors Agreement

Sample page Independent Sole Trader Contractors Agreement

Your ready-to-use agreement includes everything you need to define the terms of your agreement.

  • Professionally drafted Independent Sole Trader Contractor Agreement .
  • Easy-to-follow Instructions
  • Friendly customer support

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