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Fixed Term Employment Contract – Employers Information and Fixed Term Employees

This up to date Fixed Term Employment Contract is suitable for employees employed under a modern award where the standard award entitlements apply and the work is confined to the duration of a specific task or project.

The agreement operates for a term specified by the parties automatically expiring once the agreed end date is reach.

It contains all the provisions required to comply with the Fair Work Act 2009 plus a copy of the freely available Fair Work Information Statement AND the Fixed Term Contract Information Statement (FTCIS) which must be provided to every new employee.

Your professionally drafted, Fair Work compliant, fixed term employment contract is available for immediate download..The document comes to you as a Microsoft Word template that can be used as often as you like.

Simply insert the correct information in the appropriate field and tab to the next.

Now print your professional employment contract!

Benefits of Fixed Term Employment agreement template kits

This agreement with easy-to-follow instructions includes the following provisions-

  • Appointment
  • Probationary period
  • Work Hours
  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Company policies
  • Remuneration
  • Leave entitlements
  • Confidentiality
  • Restraint
  • Intellectual Property
  • Termination
  • Superannuation
  • Training
  • Governing Law
  • Declaration and Signatures

Fixed Term Employment Contract Video – Click to find out about the contract and view sample.

Sample Document Excerpt of Fixed Term Employment Contract

Click Through for Enlarged Sample Document

Click Through for Enlarged Sample Document

Your ready-to-use kit includes everything you need

  • Professionally drafted Contract
  • Fixed Term Employee Users Guide
  • New Employee Onboarding Document (valued at $15.95)
  • A copy of the freely available Fixed Term Contract Information Statement (FTCIS)
  • Friendly customer support

Our fully secured ecommerce system allows you to purchase and download your Agreement safely. In just a few minutes you can have everything you need to protect the interests of all the parties involved.

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