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Associate Lease Agreement – Salary Sacrifice Arrangements

An Associate Lease Agreement may form part of a salary package (or ‘salary sacrifice’) – a popular method for tax minimisation.

The Associate Lease includes three parties: an employee, an associate of the employee and the employer. In this situation the associate (often a family member , spouse or family company) is the owner of a motor vehicle, which is to be leased to the employer who will then provide the vehicle to the employee as a company vehicle, and be responsible for its maintenance as such.

How an associate lease operates

Diagram outlines how an Associate Lease operates.

When to Use this Agreement

Implementing the Associate Lease allows the arrangement to be recognised by the tax office as an employer-provided benefit under the Fringe Benefits and Income Tax Assessment Acts.

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This Associate Lease Contract Template includes the following provisions –

  • Parties
  • Motor vehicle
  • Term
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Insurance
  • Events Constituting Lessee’s Default
  • Termination
  • Notices
  • Applicable law

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Associate Lease Agreement Template Excerpt

Associate Lease Agreement Motor Vehicle Sample Page

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