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Shareholders Agreement

A shareholders agreement is a supplement to the company’s constitution which regulates shareholders rights and the management and operation policy of the company.

Whether you are investing in an existing Pty Ltd company, or forming a new company, key to the success of the business is the way in which the owners (the shareholders) manage the company.

A number of issues are addressed in this template agreement including :

  • The objectives of the shareholders in establishing the company
  • Contribution to capital funding and loans to the company
  • Meetings voting rights
  • Matters requiring board meeting approval,
  • Process to be followed should a shareholder or their estate wish sell shares in the event of retirement, death or disability.
  • Incoming shareholder responsibilities
  • key personnel and key activities of the Directors
  • guarantees and indemnities on behalf of the company
  • advances to shareholders
  • Dividend policy
  • Restraint of trade for directors and/or shareholders
  • Confidentiality agreements

Among these and other important issues this shareholders’ agreement details shareholder’s responsibilities and liabilities to other shareholders including the processes to be followed in the event of a dispute.

Your professionally drafted, easy to use Shareholders Agreement is available for immediate download. The document comes to you as a Microsoft Word template that can be used as often as you like. Simply insert the correct information in the appropriate field and tab to the next. Now print your professional and legally binding agreement!

Benefits of Shareholders agreement template kit

Sample Shareholders Agreement Template Document Excerpt

shareholders agreements sample contents

shareholders agreement sampleshareholders agreement sample

Your ready-to-use kit includes everything you need to formalize your Business Partnership

  • Professionally drafted Shareholders Agreement template
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  • Optional Legal advice and review service

Our fully secured e-commerce system allows you to purchase and download your Shareholders Agreement template safely. In just a few minutes you can have everything you need to protect the interests of all the parties involved by regulating the shareholder rights and the management policies of your company.

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