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Granny Flat Agreement Template

Use this Granny Flat Agreement template whenever you want to create a life tenancy for a close friend or relative in exchange for a fee.

The Owner grants the Resident the right to reside in the property for life. The agreement sets out in clear terms;

  • the residents right to live in the property for life.
  • whether the resident has agreed to pay rent or undertake certain upkeep of the property.
  • how the owner of the property will compensate the resident if there is a significant change in circumstances.

This agreement includes the following provisions:

  • right of residence and obligations of parties
  • Department of Human Services rules
  • termination
  • damages
  • independent legal and financial advice
  • costs

It is available for immediate download as Microsoft Word document which makes it easy to edit. In addition it can be used as often as you need and includes a Users Guide.

Sample Excerpt of the Agreement

granny flat agreement sample
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