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You invest in property to secure your financial future.

But the costs associated with managing that property can be high. To be precise; as high as 8% of your investment return.

Add on legal fees and all of a sudden your healthy investment is looking less so.

But what if there was a way to cut out the middle man and save money? Without sacrificing quality or security?

What if there was a solution designed specifically for savvy property investors like you?

We’re here to tell you there is, and it’s available right now, for only $399.

Real Estate Mega Bundle

Designed for residential, retail, and commercial property investors in each Australian State; our Real Estate Mega Bundle covers everything you need for successful property management.

Each document has been professionally drafted after years of extensive research and is:

  • Compliant with relevant Australian State and Territory legislation
  • Designed to cover your legal responsibilities and provide protection from liability
  • Constantly reviewed to ensure it’s up to date with the most recent legal developments and legislative amendments

View the document list clicking on the categories below. Each pack is tailored for each state and so the document list may vary but this gives you an overview.
Retail valued at 99.95

Retail Lease documentRetail Lease Users Guide

Retail Lease Disclosure Statements

Retail Tenants Guide

Section 16 certificate

Schedule 1 Retail Leases Act

Commercial – valued at 79.95

Commercial Property Lease

Users guide – Commercial Lease

Inspection Report

Residential – valued at 59.95

Residential Tenancy Agreement

Condition Report

Tenancy Application Form

Consent to Structural Alteration Form

Landlords Consent to Sublet Premises Form

Landlords Consent Transfer Lease Form

Late Rent (3) – First, Second and Final Notices

New Tenant Checklist

Notice to Increase Rent

Notice as to Disposal of Goods

Notice of Intended Inspection

Notice of Intention to Sell

Payment Plan

Pet Agreement

Receipt and Key Agreement

Rent Receipt Spreadsheet

Tenant’s Request for Maintenance

Termination Notice Breach of Agreement

Termination Notice for End of Fixed Term

Termination Notice for Periodic Tenancy

Termination Notice Non Payment of Rent

Warning to Remove Unauthorised Pets

Rural – valued at $99

Land Lease

How to register a Landlease

Transfers – valued at 182.95
Assignment of lease


Landlords consent to sublease commercial premises

Landlords consent to assignment of lease commercial premises

Notes about assignments and subletting

Licences – valued at $173.85

Share House Licence

Storage Space Licence

Shared Office Licence

Car Park Licence

Options – valued at $119.94
Assignment of Option to Purchase

Notice of Exercise of Option to Lease

Real Estate Option Agreement plus Users Guide

Co-Ownership – valued at $129.95

Joint Ownership – Cohabitation

Joint Ownership – One Party Occupy

Joint Ownership – Investment

Users Guide

Misc – valued at $44.90

Variation of Lease

Agreement for Lease

Commercial Tenancy Application form

Total Pack Valued at over $990 – Yours today for just $399

Not only that, the kit’s also:

  • 100% tax deductible
  • Easily downloaded in MS word format
  • Specifically designed for multiple use

Put simply; it’s a $399 investment in your investment.

Designed to save you time and money

We know you don’t have time or money to waste. That’s why the kit’s available for instant download through our fully secured ecommerce system.

Each document is easy to understand and comes in editable MS Word document format. Suitable for single or multiple use; simply insert the correct information in the required fields, save, print, and you’re on your way.

We also want you to see a return on your investment. By using just one of the documents in the kit you’ll save the equivalent amount in legal and management fees, with no loss of security.

Use one or more of the documents multiple times, and the savings can easily run into the thousands.

Whichever way you look at it; a DIY Property Management Kit’s a $399 investment too good to pass up.

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Australian Law

Our Agreements are drafted to comply with Australian Law

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The agreements are professionally drafted by Australian Law Experts

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