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Changes to NSW Tenancy Agreement to include Asbestos notification

If you own a rental property in NSW you need to update any tenancy agreements you make after 30th October 2016


Because the NSW government has amended the law making it mandatory for any residential tenancy agreement to include the requirement that a landlord notify the tenant if the premises:

  • is on the loose-fill asbestos register, or
  • is added to the register during the tenancy.

As asbestos poses a serious health risk, the notification allows the tenant to make an informed decision about whether they will rent or continue to rent the premises.

What do you need to do?

For existing customers: Download the updated version of our NSW Residential Tenancy agreement from your members area and use it for all new tenancies after the 30 October 2016.

If you don’t already own an RP Emery Residential Tenancy Agreement Buy NSW tenancy Agreement Kittemplate then you can download it from here. It contains the provisions you need to comply with the changes to the Residential Tenancies Regulations 2010.

What about existing Leases?

You don’t need to update the lease retrospectively but you are legally required to inform your tenant if the property is listed on the Loose-fill asbestos Register.

Need more Information?

Go to Fair Trading’s website and their page on loose-fill asbestos.