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Top Christmas Tips

We’ve combed through the archives and pulled together our top Christmas articles.

Employing Christmas Casuals? Do it the right way

It’s that time of year again where businesses gear up for their busiest period. For many retail establishments, hiring casual staff is the only way to get through this increased workload effectively. It’s also the time when many teenagers get their first job.

It can be tempting to let things slide when work life is busy but it’s important for business managers to continue to follow good employment practises even during the Silly Season.

Don’t be fooled by Sham Warranties

You are at the store and have finally made a decision on that fabulous new bit of technology whether it’s a new iPad, big screen TV or fridge. You’re just about to hand over your hard earned $$$ when the salesperson offers you the “Extended Warranty”

You’ve already made a bunch of decisions but what to do? You don’t want to have any trouble with your shiny new toy and it’s already a sizable investment – maybe it’s best to pay a little more just in case something goes wrong. But do you really need it?

Surviving Christmas

Well, we’re halfway through December and suddenly its dawned on us that Christmas is just around the corner. The school kids (and teachers!) are getting tired and cranky, work deadlines are more difficult and it’s becoming so much harder to be industrious because we know the holidays are nearly here.

For those that have been avoiding the malls and commercial media it can cause one to panic just a little bit. Here’s a few pointers to help you not only survive Christmas but actually thrive and enjoy the holiday season.

Alterations to Rental Premises

If you’re a tenant and want to spruce up your rented home over the Christmas break, then there are a few things you need to be aware of before you make any alterations to the premises.

The term ‘alterations’ refers to the installation of fixtures or fittings (such as air conditioning units for the hot summer months ahead), or making renovations, additions or alterations to a rented premises.

You might need to do this in order to adapt the premises to your specific or changing needs, to increase your comfort level or address security concerns.

Managing Annual Shutdowns

If you run a business there are some rules you need to follow when managing an Annual Shutdown.

An annual shutdown is when an employer can temporarily close their business down during a slow business period. For example, the construction and manufacturing sectors usually close down at Christmas time.