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Updated Strata Living Guide

The NSW department of Fair Work have released an updated guide to Strata living – 2018.
strata living guide nsw
Click the image to download the Strata Living Guide

This updated guide includes a wealth of information including:

  • What is a strata scheme?
  • Before buying into a strata scheme
  • Common property
  • The owners corporation
  • The executive Committee
  • Responsibilities of owners and residents
  • Meetings of the Owners Corporation
  • Meetings of Executive Committee
  • Strata Managing Agents
  • Caretakers and building managers
  • The responsibilities of the owners corporation
  • Specific information for people of the initial period
  • If things go wrong
  • Where to get more info

What is a Strata Scheme?

A strata scheme is a building, or collection of buildings,
where individuals each own a small portion known
as a ‘lot’ (for example, an apartment or townhouse)
but where there is also common property (eg. external
walls, windows, roof, driveways, foyers, fences, lawns
and gardens). Every owner shares the ownership
of the common property.

schemes are not restricted to residential developments, they can apply to commercial, industrial, mixed use, hotel
and retirement village strata developments.

Living in a strata scheme is different to owning your own freestanding property – you are effectively living in a small community and therefore you need to adhere to the rules regarding permissible activities. For example, there may be rules about car washing, hanging laundry, car parking etc.

If you’re buying a property it’s a good idea to obtain a copy of the relevant strata rules before making any decisions, and if you are renting, the landlord or landlord’s agent should supply a copy of the strata scheme rules along with the lease.

Free Training for Executive Committee members

Strata Community Australia offers a free online course to help you learn what is required of an executive committee member – go here to learn more.

We thank Fair Trading NSW for this information.