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How to sublease or assign a retail lease in Queensland

Circumstances may arise when a tenant seeks to sub-let (sublease) or assign their lease over retail premises. There are strict guidelines on method of seeking consent and whether the landlord is permitted to withhold their consent.

If your tenant is seeking consent to sub-let or assign their retail lease, remember:

    • Your tenant must comply with the legislation – including seeking consent in writing;
    • Failure to respond may imply landlord consent;
    • Be mindful that the landlord must respond within a certain timeframe;
    • Check the terms of your lease whether ‘absolute discretion’ permitted;
    • Generally cannot unreasonably withhold consent (Consult the relevant legislation in your jurisdiction as to whether you can withhold consent and under what circumstances) and;
    • If you are unsure about consenting to sub-letting or assigning a lease over your retail premises, consult independent legal advice.

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These are the details specific to the Retail Shop Leases Act 1994 in Queensland.

Disclosure Details

Tenant must provide landlord with full particulars of proposed tenant.

Landlord Response Time

1 month

Circumstances Landlord consent may be withheld

Not provided (consult lease terms)

No Response Implies Consent?


Absolute Discretion permitted?




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