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Reduce Conflict and Provide Stability for Your Children with a Parenting Plan Template

Using a Parenting Plan Template to document shared parenting responsibilities after you’ve parted ways with your partner is a brilliant way to simplify and make things easier for yourself.

A Parenting Plan helps to keep things straightforward for both of you as you navigate life post separation, and most crucially, it provides stability and security for your children.

Why Opt for a Parenting Plan?

  1. Tailor-Made: Your family is unique, and your parenting plan should be too. It can be shaped to fit around your schedules, your children’s schooling, and their wishes, offering the adaptability you need as life changes.
  2. You’re in the Driving Seat: Rather than leaving decisions to judges or solicitors, you and your ex-partner get to make the choices that reflect your values and what you believe is best for your children. The Family Law Act states that parents ideally should make their own private arrangements with regards to parenting and custody, by way of a Parenting Plan. The legal system, the Act states, should be used as a last resort to finalising parenting issues, rather than as a first resort
  3. Puts Children’s Needs at the Forefront: The plan compels you to prioritise your children’s needs, ensuring their lives are stable and that they have what they need to flourish.
  4. Clear Guidelines: It sets out clear expectations for both parents. Who does what, when, and how—it’s all laid out, minimising confusion and helping to prevent misunderstandings.
  5. Promotes Effective Co-Parenting: The plan encourages both of you to communicate and collaborate, fostering a healthier environment for everyone, especially the children.
  6. Reduces Conflict: With a clear agreement in place, there’s less room for disputes. Both parents have agreed to the terms, which serves as a reference and a guide, easing stress and preventing conflict.
  7. It’s Recognised by the Courts: Should issues arise, the courts will consider your parenting plan. It’s a testament to your commitment to what’s best for the children.
  8. More Cost-Effective: Creating a parenting plan can be far less expensive and far less stressful than court proceedings. It saves both time and money.

How to Create Your Parenting Plan:

  • Open Communication: Have a frank discussion with your ex-partner. Keep it focused on what’s best for the children and try to find common ground.
  • Iron Out the Details: Determine the custody arrangements, visitation times, holiday plans, financial responsibilities, and how you’ll communicate about your children’s day-to-day needs.
  • Professional Advice: If needed, seek guidance from a family law expert or mediator. They can help you navigate the process, ensuring the plan is fair and legally sound.
  • Personalise Your Plan: Make sure the plan suits your family’s specific needs. Consider your individual schedules, the children’s activities, and any other personal circumstances.
  • Document the Agreement: Once you’ve settled on the plan, put it in writing using a professionally drafted Shared Parenting Plan Template. Both parents should sign it, making it official. Keep a copy and review it regularly to ensure it continues to meet your family’s needs.

A Parenting Plan Template speeds up the drafting process

You can access a Parenting Plan template that has been drafted by legal professionals to make the process of drafting your plan so much easier. It contains the necessary clauses concerning optimal care of your children and you can edit it to suit your individual circumstances.

It covers situations like:

  • who the child/ren will live with,
  • access rights of the other parent,
  • school holidays,
  • time with other people such as grandparents or extended family members,
  • parental responsibility,
  • medical issues and
  • other major decisions parents will be required to make,
  • dispute resolution and
  • financial provisions (although this can be set out more clearly in a Child Support Agreement)

This Shared Parenting Plan Template is available singularly Only $44.95 or is available in the Child Support Agreement Pack for $119.95

What’s more as your needs change and the children, you can edit the document or start from scratch as needed.

Parenting Plan Template Sample Page

Parenting Plan Template sample page by RP Emery

In Conclusion:

A parenting plan is a proactive approach to maintaining continuity and stability for your children during a time of change. It’s a practical method for setting clear, agreed-upon guidelines and fostering a co-operative relationship with your ex-partner. By centring the plan on your children’s best interests and working together, you can create a stable and positive environment for them.