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How to find the “Title Reference Number” for your Queensland Lease

When you’re completing a lease for a Queensland property where you intend to register the lease then you will need to provide a “Title Reference” number. Let’s take a Commercial property lease for example.

Commercial Lease Snippet

The Queensland Government’s Department of Resources is responsible for the administration of land-related matters and records information about land in Qld.

Their land information systems use a Lot on plan reference to record information about land parcels. (e.g. Lot 7 on SP234567).

Since 1994 all QLD titles have been stored electronically on the Automated Titles System (ATS) which is maintained by Ttles Queensland.

Each a parcel of land in the ATS uses a title reference number. A Title Reference is a unique 8 digit identifier for a title which can be found on most title documents that were produced after 1994/1995.

Here is a sample of a title search, note the title reference in the top left hand corner.

title search queensland

You will find the title reference on any dealing form such as a lease/sublease, transfer of property, mortgage,  release of mortgage, caveat etc. In fact just about any document that needs to deal with the land.

Online Title Search

You can conduct a QLD title search at the following webpage:

There are several ways to carry out your search:

  • Search by address – simply enter your street address and select an option from the drop-down box.
  • Search by lot on plan – enter a lot and plan number to generate a list of title references.
  • Search by title reference – if you already know your unique 8-digit identifier.
  • Search by dealing – any document that deals with a title is known as a dealing. Each dealing has a 9-digit dealing number.

Should you require further information or assistance completing a QLD title search, you can contact Titles Queensland here.

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