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Building and construction industry targeted for FWA audit and education campaign

Construction Industry

As of October 2014 the Fair Work Ombudsman will be targeting the Construction Industry for Wokplace Law compliance

Fair Work Australia will be conducting a nationwide campaign directed at businesses in the building and construction industry.

The campaign started in October, 2014.

The campaign will involve both:-

  • education and awareness components; and
  • audits of businesses in the industry to ensure minimum rights and entitlements are being met by employers.

Education and awareness

During the campaign, Fair Work will seek to educate employers and employees, to help them understand their rights and obligations in the workplace.

Fair Work will contact employers in this industry, to discuss minimum wages, penalty rates and allowances, overtime and payslips and record keeping.

Audits of business records

This industry has a high rate of young workers who may be vulnerable.

FWA will audit records of businesses in the industry, to ensure minimum standards are being met and business are complying with workplace law.  Any underpayments or other issues that are identified by FWA will need to be rectified.

Building and construction industry generates high level of employee complaints

Fair Work has identified the building and construction industry as having a high number of complaints generated from unsatisfied employees.  Of the total number of these complaints, 50% were confirmed to have involved definite breaches of workplace laws.

What you can do to prepare your business

Fair Work offer a range of tools, information and resources to help businesses comply with their workplace obligations.

You can prepare by using the “self audit checklist” and other tools, available on the Fair Work Australia portal:-

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