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Why do I need a Website Privacy Policy?

The Free Website Privacy Policy Template is no longer available

If your website collects personal information, you should have a privacy policy in place.

A privacy policy lets people know why their personal information is being collected and how it will be used. Personal information is information that could identify someone such as names, addresses, e-mail addresses or dates of birth.

Privacy policies should also include opt-out information and information about how your customers can update or access their information.

For more information on privacy policies in general please go to

What else can I do to get maximum legal protection for my website?

You should begin using copyright and trademark notices on your website if you are not already doing so.

Copyright notices are simply:-

Copyright © 2012 RP Emery & Associates

For an unregistered trademark, use the ™ symbol.

For registered trademarks, you should use the ® symbol:-

For example –
XYZ Widgets™ (Trademark of XYZ Corporation Pty Ltd)
XYZ Widgets® (Registered trademark of XYZ Corporation Pty Ltd)

This will go to ensuring your valuable intellectual property is protected.