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New Employment App – Record my Hours

It seems like there’s an App for just about everything these days and no doubt you have a few or many on your phone already.

You might be interested in another one called “Record my Hours”. It allows employees to record their hours and takes the place of ad hoc paper systems that can be difficult to track and monitor.

It’s essentially an electronic work diary which is not really new. However this app is created by the Fair Work Ombudsman who consider it a helpful tool in the event of a conflict between and employer and employee.

The app uses the phone location and geofencing technology to set the work location and record when the user starts and finishes work. It also allows for the abiolity to enter the times manually.

Record my hours AppThe app also includes the ability to

  • add rosters to a calendar
  • receive notification reminders about upcoming shifts
  • take photos of information that belongs to them or they’re allowed to access, like their own pay slips
  • back-up information collected to iCloud or Dropbox and recover it easily
  • record information about piecework arrangements – users can record information about the number of pieces achieved within a time period and use their smartphone’s location and mapping services to pinpoint any places of work.

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Heavier Penalties for Workplace breaches

Fair Work considers good record keeping to be core business for any employer and as such they have introduced even heavier penalties for workplace breaches.

You can use the Record my Hours app to complement the records kept on location at the business. Employers who receive the data from their workers’ app can deal with any discrepancies early, preventing disputes from surfacing and in turn preventing a visit from Fair Work inspectors.

On top of this, the app also allows rosters and work related reminders to be imported to an employee’s phone.

To read more about what the app can do and how it benefits Employers click here.