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Streamline the process of employing new staff by using Employment Contract Templates

The quality of your staff can make or break your business so it makes sense to invest in solid procedures and protocols that will enhance and strengthen recruitment, employment and staff management processes.

Many small business owners don’t realise that an employment contract template can be a really useful tool for ensuring that they’re doing things right.

Employment Contracts are ideal discussion points to be referred to when interviewing, recruiting and hiring staff. As the contracts cover the essentials, by working your way through the contract you can make sure you are not missing anything important.

This ensures that prospective employees know exactly what is expected of them from the get go and are fully apprised of what the role involves.

The Contract should:-

  • define the role of the staff member;
  • define whether the role is full time, part time, casual, permanent or for a fixed period;
  • set out what is expected of the staff member in their role;
  • confirm the applicable award, rates of pay, entitlements and conditions;
  • mention any opportunities for career progression and wage reviews;
  • contain confidentiality provisions; and
  • any other provisions pertinent to the position.

Employment contracts clarify the underlying agreement upon which the employment is based, right from the start of the employment.

Having a contract in place helps ensure that you cover all your bases and address all of the pertinent points of the employment.

This leaves little room for misunderstanding or disputes which may otherwise have occurred had these issues not been adequately addressed or documented.

Setting up Employment Contracts for your staff members provides you with an opportunity to actively ensure compliance with the applicable workplace legislation.

Employment Contracts create a strong foundation for what is hoped to be a long and mutually satisfactory employment relationship and can be used to set clear guidelines and boundaries for staff members.

Workplace Policies

Workplace Policies are used to create and maintain standards and procedures within the workplace.  Workplace Policies can be as unique as your business.  The work culture and values of your business can be made clear within a Workplace Policy.  Each staff member should be familiar with and have a copy of your Workplace Policy.

Legal documentation

RP Emery & Associates, legal publishers, provide professionally drafted, legislation compliant workplace documentation.   The Employment Contract templates are ideal for use by both the legal professional as well as the non-lawyer, to create and implement legislation compliant Employment Contracts for use in your business.

The Contract Kits are ready made, easy to use and are updated to reflect changes in the law, in most cases ,at no further cost to you.

To download a Contract Kit or workplace documentation:-

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