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Benefits of an Enduring Attorney or Guardianship

Taking the time now to put make an Enduring Power of Attorney or an Appointment of Guardianship in place has many benefits:-

  • Freedom to appoint the person of your choice, whether it be your spouse, family member or friend – you can choose someone who knows, understands and respects your wishes and whom you feel most comfortable as your representative;
  • Control over the decisions you want your representative to make for you and the ability to set out any directions and conditions to the appointment your representative is bound to follow;
  • Reassurance that necessary arrangements are in place in the event you lose capacity due to an accident, injury or illness.

You cannot appoint a preferred representative after capacity is lost so it is imperative that arrangements are made while you have full capacity;

  • Convenience of appointing a representative of your choice to legally take care of your financial responsibilities for any short term periods you are unavailable or for specific functions.  For example, to have a stress free holiday, you can appoint a trusted family member to handle your financial affairs while you are away.
  • Peace of mind for yourself and your family.

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