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Download Free Power of Attorney Documents for each Australian state

Please let us know if any of these links for a Free Power of Attorney are broken – Government websites change their links frequently.



General Powers of Attorney form

Enduring Powers of Attorney form

Planning ahead enduring guardianship

Form of Appointment of Enduring Guardian/s


Power of Attorney

Making an Enduring Power Of Attorney


Powers of Attorney

How to make a Power of Attorney NT

Advance Personal Plan (Enduring Power Of Attorney)


Enduring Powers of Guardianship

Enduring Power Of Attorney


The South Australian governmentt offers both free and paid versions of most of their documents. Look carefully to find free versions.

Free Advanced Health Care Directive South Australia

Free Power of Attorney Form South Australia – this document seems to only open properly in Adobe Reader – so download first, then open with Reader if it doesn’t work in your browser.


Powers of Attorney

Enduring Power of Attorney (financial)

Medical Treatment and Consent Info


Powers Of Attorney

What you need to know about Guardianship

POA and Guardianship Forms