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Sublease or Assign? What’s the Difference?

“Assigning” and “subletting” may sound like similar terms, but they are vastly different and serve a different function.

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Sublease and Assignment

In an Assignment of Lease – the tenant steps out of the Lease and a new third party called the Assignee steps into their shoes. The Assignee takes over the rights and responsibilities of the lease.

In a Sublease – The original tenant (often referred to as the “head-tenant”) remains and sublets the whole or a portion of the premises to a third party called the sub-tenant. The head-tenant remains responsible to the Landlord and and the sub-tenant is responsible to the head-tenant.

If you want to sublease or assign – you need to:

  • check your lease to see if it is allowed
  • ask for the Landlords permission in writing.

For more in depth info about the difference between assigning or subleasing go to – the difference between assigning and subletting a commercial lease.

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“Assigning” and “subletting” may sound like interchangeable terms. But as we shall see, they are vastly different.

If you have space in your leased commercial premises (either all or part) that you are thinking of assigning or subletting to another, you should make yourself familiar with the legal effects, the pros and the cons of both assigning and subletting.