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Smooth Sale of Business Contract Template Pack

Smooth Sale of Business Pack $374

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Selling your business can be time consuming, expensive and stressful.

When your financial future hinges on the successful outcome of your negotiations you want to make sure that you have covered every angle.

A few of the common pitfalls of selling your business include:

  • Not protecting your vital business records, information and trade secrets.
  • Deals falling through due to property transfer obstacles.
  • Not having a structured hand over plan.
  • Confusion over assets whether real or intellectual.
  • Confusion or disagreements between existing partners.

Our Sale of Business Sale Contract Pack covers all of these critical areas so that your sale proceeds without a hiccup.

Easy to Use Contract Templates

Sale of Business Contract Template Kit

The Sale of Business Contract Kit is a cost effective solution for managing the legalities of selling your business.

Each agreement comes to you as a template which is easily editable in Microsoft Word or any other word processing software.

You can use the templates as is by filling in the relevant information or you can use them as a base document for your solicitor to work with.

Either way, the pack provides you with a cost effective alternative to high priced legal fees which means more of the sales price goes in your pocket.

It is a tool that can literally save you thousand of dollars in legal costs not to mention the hours spent preparing for and meeting with your legal consultant.

Avoid Delays

You can make sure that your potential buyer knows you mean business by providing them with the appropriate professionally drafted documents when they need them. Your sale will not be delayed due to unfinished or unavailable paperwork.

And should you need a contract more than once – simply re-open your original contract template and insert your information again.

All the following Documents are included in the ‘Sale of Business Contract Pack

Sale of Business Agreement template Sale of Business Agreement valued at $129.95

Comprehensive Sale of Business agreement.

secured loan agreement template Secured Loan Agreement valued at $89.95

To facilitate the sale through a vendor finance arrangement.

deed of confidentiality business sale Confidentiality non-disclosure Agreement valued at $37.50

It’s crucial to have a non-disclosure agreement in place to protect your proprietary information before you disclose sensitive business details to a potential purchaser.

assignment of lease template agreement Assignment of Lease Agreement valued at $59

If the new owner plans to stay in the current premises you will need to transfer the lease to the new owner.

Commercial lease template Commercial Property Lease valued at $89.95

Business owners may often wish to retain the free hold premises and lease these premises to the new business owner.

Dissolution of Partnership Agreement Partnership Dissolution Agreement valued at $49

You may have a business partner and the end of the partnership requires a formal dissolution.

Consultants Agreement Template Consultancy Agreement valued at $89.95

Many businesses may require the specialised knowledge only the previous owner can provide to facilitate a smooth transition.

Option to Buy Real Estate Option to Purchase Real Estate valued at $99.95
Many purchasers require a first option to purchase the freehold property if available as their new business grows ensuring future protection.
Users Guides Comprehensive Users Guide provides instructions for completing the documents.

Purchasing these contracts singularly would add up to well over $640 but you can have them all as a Pack for only $374

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