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Did you Know that Poor Communication is the ‘Number 1’ Reason why 60% of Business Partnerships Fail?

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Don’t become a statistic.

Safeguard your financial future with a foolproof system that keeps the channels of communication in your partnership wide open, and secure your prosperity.

Announcing the NEW Business Partnership Management Kit!

successful business partners understand the value of accurate record keepingRP Emery and Associates have just released an up-to-date collection of administration, management and accounting documents for legally managing a business partnership.

Each partnership form can be quickly and easily adapted to suit your specific needs and requirements.

Simply open the document you wish to use, insert all relevant details in the appropriate spaces, and go to print.

It’s that simple!

What’s more, you can use the same document again and again at no additional cost.

This Kit ensures you keep your partnership strong by preserving the trust that’s critical to your success.

You can Avoid Misunderstandings

These documents will eliminate errors and misunderstandings because they provide a paper trail showing what happened and when.

Foster Transparency and Security

Partnership management documents keep track of all the important discussions and decisions letting you focus on growig your businessThe system provides you means to change, list, schedule, record, and follow set procedures and check lists easily and accurately.

This means that each partner clearly understands what is expected of them and can fulfil their duties accordingly.

Settle Disputes Quickly and Increase Productivity

Despite the best of intentions, relying completely on our memory is a sure way to forget some obligations or even have doubts about what happened in the past.

This new software electronically stores a permanent record of every transaction that’s available to you weeks, months or even years down the track.

Having access to current and past records saves you time and energy and allows you to settle disputes fast, leaving you more time to be productive.

What’s more, you will avoid expensive administration, accounting and legal fees.

The first time you use even a single form it will MORE than pay for the entire software.

It’s a winning decision

It’s a fact of life that the greater the value and the work volume in a partnership — “the MORE important” — proper records will become.

Use this software in your business partnership because it creates a consistency and accountability that guarantees your partnership will be one of the 40% that succeed.


Single Partnership Agreement Available Here

The Complete Set Of Partnership Administration Documents and Forms includes:-

Access of heirs of deceased to records
Additional capital contributions–addendum to agreement
Admission of additional partner
Agreement extending partnership term
Agreement for loan to partner and security agreement
Agreement of acquisition of partnership products
Agreement of business conduction by partners
Agreement of deeds and conveyances by a managing partner
Agreement of dissolution of general partnership
Agreement of liability release by partners
Agreement of limitation on competing business activity
Agreement of limitation on conveyance of property
Agreement of limitation on extraneous-transactions
Agreement of limitation on-speculation by partner
Agreement of partner authority limitations
Agreement of partnership book keeping
Agreement of partnership to purchase auto insurance
Agreement not to engage in conflict of interest
Agreement review
Agreement to admit new partner
Allocation of gain or loss on sale of property
Appointment of managing director
Appointment of treasurer–addendum to agreement
Apportion of interest to third party-consent
Assignment of interest to third party
Assumption of personal debt by new partner
Authorisation to withdraw from capital account
Barring of goodwill–addendum to agreement
Buying and selling motor vehicles–addendum to agreement
Capital contributions–addendum to agreement
Capital contributions and shares–addendum to agreement
Capital contribution by one party
Cease of agreement due to death of a partner
Cessation of usage of business name
Certificate of formation of limited partnership
Compensation to partners upon liquidation of company
Competition upon partnership termination–addendum to contract
Consensual drawing account
Contract to purchase deceased interest
Contributions–addendum to agreement
Contributions and capital–addendum to agreement
Contributions and contributions exceeding maximum
Contributions without payment of interest
Contributions without payment of interest [no interest earn]
Continuation of income payments partner’s retirement or death
Control by majority interest
Creation of shares–addendum to agreement
Crediting of retained profits
Dealings with specific individuals–addendum to agreement
Death of last survivor of partnership–addendum to agreement
Deferral of partnership to spouse of deceased partner
Disbursements upon termination of contract
Dissolve of partnership agreement
Distribution of unequal profits
Disability payment of full period salary
Effective date of agreement
Effective date of agreement–terms indefinite
Exception for losses due to negligence
Excess capital–profit withdrawal
Financial account reporting
Financial year accounting
Fixed salary of partner’s
Formation of partnership cheque account
General drawing account of partner’s
General partnership agreement
Goodwill forfeiture upon expulsion of partner
Husband and wife–termination by divorce [partnership]
Income account for partner’s
Injury to partnership name [expulsion]
Interest sale to remaining partners [conduct of inventory]
Interest sale to remaining partnership
Limitations patents and trade secrets [partnership property]
Limited partnership agreement
List of partnership assets
Loan contribution–addendum to agreement
Majority management and control
Managing partner liability–addendum to agreement
Managing partner’s power to expel
Master limited partnership agreement
Maximum drawing account limit
Minimum profit needed for dispersal
Non compete contract–upon withdrawal
Notice of partner expulsion
Notification to terminate partnership
Operating expense salary
Option of partner to retire
Option to retire expelled partner
Partner consent for withdrawing member
Partner’s grant of power of attorney to general partner
Partner’s post death-payments in guaranteed amounts
Partnership agreement
Partnership dissolution agreement
Partnership–guarantee and security
Partnership hours of devotion–addendum to agreement
Partnership indemnification–addendum to agreement
Partnership time exclusivity–addendum to agreement
Partnership termination–addendum to agreement
Partnership termination on death of partner
Partnerships expenses
Power of attorney
Professional partnership agreement
Profit and loss division
Profits as operating capital
Proportional profit and loss distribution
Purchase of deceased partner’s interest–life insurance
Purpose of partnership–addendum to agreement
Payment of interest on contributions–addendum to agreement
Unanimous approval of all partners
Receipts and earnings as partnership expense
Record accuracy
Remittal for excess capital contributions
Reserved profit fund
Responsibility of partners-fiduciary–addendum to agreement
Right of first refusal–limited partnership interest
Right to expel partners
Right to expel partners [vote requirement]
Right to remove general partner–appointment of new partner
Salary of senior partner
Salary prohibition
Sale of company name–limitation
Sale of partnership interest
Sale or transfer of partners interests
Sale of withdrawing partner’s interest
Same year dispersible profits
Security for additional capital contribution
Set income pledge to one partner
Silent party of partnership–addendum to agreement
Solicitor–payments to deceased partner’s estate
Specific partner’s decision to be final
Submission of partnership disputes to arbitration
Supplementary partnership expenses
Termination and disbursements of assets
Third party liabilities–addendum to agreement
Two partner’s–financial year partnership agreement
Vacation–all partners
Voting trust agreement
Weekly salary
Withdrawals and deposits on partnership account
Withdrawing partner’s unfinished business
Workload based on distribution of net profits
Worker’s compensation
Product Under Review and unavailable for purchase

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