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Take advantage of experienced legal back up for added peace of mind – Introducing RPE Lawyers, division of RP Emery and Associates.

With our legal contract kits, our aim is to give you all the information you need to complete your agreement and feel 100% confident that it has achieved what you want it to achieve.

Naturally every transaction is slightly different. Even with our help and your experience, you may still need the guidance of an experienced lawyer, which is why we provide the optional Document Review Service (DRS)

Our Document Review Service is best described as a safety net for situations where your arrangements may not be as straightforward as others.

You can speak with a experienced legal mind to make sure that any potential issues have been addressed or you may simply want to gain a greater understanding of the law surrounding the contract you are dealing with. Our team of independent associate lawyers are dedicated to providing legal support services to RP Emery customers.

Low Cost – Fuss Free Service

Most likely you’ve completed the bulk of this document yourself, so the cost to review it will be substantially less than if you had asked a lawyer to draft the contract from scratch.

Consultations with our associate lawyers are held over the phone or skype so there is no need to travel and matters are dealt with quickly.

If you need more information about your particular matter please call us on 0266725904.


Australian Law

Our Agreements are drafted to comply with Australian Law

Professionally Drafted

The agreements are professionally drafted by Australian Law Experts

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No Need to Wait. Download the Agreements Instantly

Easy to use

Plain English - No Legalese. Your Agreement is easy to use, edit and understand