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Item Rental Contracts and Resources in Australia

If you’re looking to rent out an item then it’s important to place a structure around that arrangement and that structure is usually a written rental contract or agreement.

Although it might be tempting to do away with the paperwork – don’t. Always put it in writing, that way you are protecting your investment in your equipment, vehicles or goods.

A rental agreement documents the conditions for the rental and informs both parties of their rights and obligations. It covers things like:

  • the term of the rental;
  • payment;
  • maintenance;
  • insurance;
  • damage;
  • use of equipment, and so forth depending on the type of equipment/goods.

We offer a variety of rental or hire agreement templates.

Types of Rental Agreements

Car Rental Agreement

car rental agreement templateUse this agreement when renting a motor vehicle to a third party. It covers the following essential provisions.

  • Vehicle condition and return;
  • Unauthorised and prohibited use;
  • Finance obligations;
  • Damage cover;
  • General provisions;
  • Fuel;
  • Personal accident insurance.

Truck Rental Agreement

truck rental agreement templateYou would use agreement whenever you wish to rent a truck to a third party. It covers the following essential provisions.

  • Vehicle condition and return
  • Unauthorised and prohibited use
  • Finance obligations
  • Damage cover
  • General provisions
  • Fuel
  • Personal accident insurance

Camper Trailer Rental Agreement Template

Camper Trailer Hire AgreementUse this agreement to rent a Camper Trailer to a third party. It contains all the necessary provisions to protect your asset and shield you from potential liability.

Coownership of Aircraft or Boat Agreement Template

Coownership Boat AircraftUse this agreement when two or more parties wish to purchase a boat or aircraft as co-owners.

The document defines the rights and responsibilities of the shareholders and will provide strong legal recourse in the event of a misunderstanding arising or any party fails to meet their obligations to the other shareholders while under contract.

For ease of use we have provided 2 versions of the agreement – one for Boat or Marine Vessel and one for Aircraft.

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Equipment Rental (Short Term) Agreement Template

equipment rental agreementTo be used when a person or business wishes to hire out equipment for use by another.

The type of equipment is variable, anything from bikes and gym equipment, lawn mowers or property maintenance equipment, construction equipment, musical instruments, computers or office equipment – the list is endless.

Essentially, this agreement sets out the terms that will govern the hire including the rights and obligations of both the Owner of the Equipment and the Hirer.

It also addresses some of the unexpected issues which may arise in order to minimise uncertainty and protect the Owner of the Equipment against loss and/or damage.

Equipment Lease (Long Term) Agreement Template

equipment lease agreementUse this Commercial Equipment Lease (aka a Lease of Chattel) when the owner of certain commercial equipment or machinery (the lessor) wants to lease the equipment to another party (the lessee) for a fixed rental amount over a fixed rental period.

When the contract ends, the lessee may extend the rental period or give the equipment back to the owner.

This document sets out the rental schedule, maintenance responsibilities and the owner’s options should the lessee default.

It protects your investment by specifying your relationship with the lessee. A written agreement ensures that both parties are aware of their obligations, minimising misunderstandings and potential conflict.

Resources About Contracts

Stating the Parties to a Contract correctly

It might seem very basic, but it is vital to get the names of the entities or “parties” correct when drafting a legal document. Stating the parties formally and accurately gives you certainty that there can be NO question about the parties’ intentions later, especially if the particulars are changed or forgotten. We look at the different types of “parties” and the correct way to record the information.

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