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My Growing Business Employment Contract Bundle – Freedom to Change, Grow and Find the Staff you Need without Paying Expensive Legal Fees.

Avoid the headache and cost of sourcing legal contracts for your new staff by investing in the My Growing Business Employment Contract Bundle

Business growth is a wonderful thing. It’s nice to see success and more profit is always welcome!!

But growth has its challenges too. It’s hard to scale up without help and that means putting on more staff.

You might start off with casual or part-time staff, but then find you need full time employees or employees who are flexible.

Or perhaps you decide that employing staff directly isn’t optimal and you should be using contractors.

One thing is clear, there are a myriad of ways to employ people and each has its pros and cons, and legal requirements.

A written employment agreement is an essential first step for protecting your growing business, but it can be time consuming and expensive hunting down the right contract every time the staffing mix changes.

What if you could access your own library of professionally drafted employment agreements, anytime you needed to?

Imagine being able to implement a new employment agreement at any time without the hassle and expense of seeing a lawyer.

The My Growing Business Employment Contract Bundle gives you the freedom to change, grow and find the staff you need without paying expensive legal costs.

It contains these professionally drafted agreements

Bundle contains eight employment contracts, their Users Guide and ancillary documents
If you were to purchase these agreement individually, the cost would total $599.60 but as a pack you get each of these Employment Agreements for only $465

Our fully secured ecommerce system allows you to purchase and instantly download your Employment Agreement Pack safely.

The agreements are provided as editable MS Word documents which can be used time after time. Just insert the correct information in the appropriate fields and tab to the next field.

When finished, Save and Print.

ATO Approved 100 % Tax deductible

Buy My Growing Business Employment Contract Bundle - Instant Download
My Growing Business Employment Agreement Bundle

Value Packed My Growing Business Employment Bundle

Australian Law

Our Agreements are drafted to comply with Australian Law

Professionally Drafted

The agreements are professionally drafted by Australian Law Experts

Instant Download

No Need to Wait. Download the Agreements Instantly

Easy to use

Plain English - No Legalese. Your Agreement is easy to use, edit and understand