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Updated Residential Tenancy (Rental) Agreement NSW 2020

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Premium NSW Residential Tenancy Kit $59.95

New: Updated NSW Tenancy Agreement (Special Offer Expired)

The NSW government recently updated the NSW Tenancies Act and introduced many changes to the way residential tenancies operate. As a result, the NSW Tenancy Agreement has changed and we have updated the agreement and additional forms to comply with the changes.

Your Existing Tenancy Agreement is Obsolete

The kit that you have previously purchased from us is now obsolete and you can no longer use it because it does not comply with current legislation.

You must use the updated tenancy agreement template for any new tenancies or tenancy renewals.

Get the Updated Agreement

The Premium Residential Tenancy Kit gives you the tenancy agreement template AND all the documents and forms you need to manage your tenancy on an ongoing basis.

The Tenancies Act is clear in its guidelines that communications with tenants must adhere to prescribed formats.
If an issue does crop up there are set regulations for how and when communication should occur.

Of Course, you can also just buy the Standard Kit for $39.95

Save yourself the time and hassle of searching for the correct forms later by upgrading to the Premium Kit now.

  Basic Premium
NSW Residential Tenancy Agreement Tick Tick
Condition Report Tick Tick
Tenancy Application Form Tick Tick
Friendly Customer Support Tick Tick
Access to Landlords Resources   Tick
Consent to Structural Alteration Form   Tick
Landlords Consent to Sublet Premises Form   Tick
Landlords Consent Transfer Lease Form   Tick
Late Rent (3) – First, Second and Final Notices   Tick
Notice to Increase Rent   Tick
Notice as to Disposal of Goods   Tick
Notice of Intended Inspection   Tick
Notice of Intention to Sell   Tick
Payment Plan   Tick
Pet Agreement   Tick
Receipt and Key Agreement   Tick
Rent Receipt Spreadsheet   Tick
Tenant’s Request for Maintenance   Tick
Termination Notice – 90 Days (no reason)   Tick
Termination Notice for End of Fixed Term   Tick
Termination Notice for Non Payment of Rent   Tick
Termination Notice for Premises Destroyed   Tick
Termination Notice for Sale of Premises   Tick
Warning to Remove Unauthorised Pets   Tick



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Sample Document Excerpt of the NEW agreement

NSW tenancy agreement sample 1

NSW tenancy agreement sample 2

NSW tenancy agreement sample 3

This NSW Tenancy Lease Agreement Template includes the following Provisions –

Provisions NSW Tenancy Agreement




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