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What you’ll understand by using this kit.



  • Is selling the best choice at this stage?
  • Timing is critical to achieve the desired outcome.
  • What’s the time line for selling a business?
  • Is your business sale-able?
  • Is your business in a state of fitness?
  • How to reduce your business risk factors.
  • We include all the plans and checklist for each stage of the preparation.
  • Business Valuation – demystified, without complex jargon.
  • Understand the Key Drivers of Business Valuation.
  • Step by step systems for everything you need.
  • 90% of the work is correct preparation.
  • Finding the true profit of your business.
  • How and what to add back/recast to profit.
  • What if your business doesn’t show a profit.
  • Discover how to increase your business value without increasing declared profits.
  • 12 month license for business appraisal program is included.
  • Establish the correct selling price for your business.
  • Going to market, how, when and where.
  • What is and isn’t included in the sale of a business.
  • What about stock and work in progress?
  • Don’t be confused by goodwill and its value.
  • What about leased equipment?
  • How to communicate with landlords or franchisors.
  • What advisors do you need?
  • What about tax?
  • Learn why businesses don’t sell.
  • What information to give the buyer and when.
  • Keeping it confidential – includes a confidentiality agreement.
  • Buyer psychology – what makes them tick?
  • What are they looking for and more importantly what do their accountants look for?
  • Learn the critical questions you must ask every buyer.
  • Powerful marketing strategies that will have the buyers coming to you.
  • How to deal with your employees through each stage of the sale.
  • Terms and conditions – it’s not just about the sale price for you or the buyer.
  • Buyers due diligence. Be ready!
  • The making or breaking of your sale, what are the deal killers?
  • The little known ways to justify the selling price of your business.
  • 5 proven steps all business owners must follow to increase the appeal of their business.
  • 2 simple keys of creating strong buyer competition.
  • Valuation, mistakes that are often made when valuing a business.
  • Discover the hidden value in your business.
  • Don’t waste your time on rule of thumb valuation methods.
  • Qualifying the buyers with our step by step rating system.
  • 4 proven strategies for creative ways to present your business.
  • How to target prospects without identifying you or your business.
  • Control the sale and you control the confidentiality.
  • If you want the sale to remain confidential sell it yourself.
  • 7 tips and tricks to detect the time wasters.
  • Check list for the sales contract.
  • When to get the lawyers involved.
  • Including 3 simple questions to close the sale.
  • Your secret weapon for moving the buyer to a close.
  • Why accountants have been using our valuation tools and services for many years.

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