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Australian Employment Agreements

If you are an employer, it’s important to put a written employment agreement in place that outlines the conditions under which you are employing an individual or company.

An agreement sets out the rights and obligations of each party, setting clear terms and minimising the potential for misunderstandings and conflict.

Fair Work Act and the National Employment Standards

In July 2009 the Australian Federal Government reformed the workplace relations landscape and employment law with the introduction of the Fairwork Act. Along with establishing the new workplace relations system, the Act introduced the National Employment Standards (NES) and Modern Awards.

The National Employment Standards set out 11 minimum workplace entitlements that apply to all employers and employees in the national workplace relations system.

As a consequence all contracts of employment, whether they are based on a Modern Award or not, must cover the 11 National Employment Standards.

As well as the NES, an effectively drafted employment contract will clearly spell out the enforceable legal obligations of the parties, both during and after the employment term.

You have flexibility in your approach both to the Award conditions and the National Employment Standards, and you can negotiate almost anything you like with an individual employee as long as you can demonstrate that he or she is better off over-all as a result of the bargain you strike.

This collection of employment contracts meet the requirements under current fairwork policy.

These professionally drafted employment agreements cover most employment situations. They spell out the entitlements and obligations of both employees and employers, and are NES compliant.

  • General Employment Agreement is suitable for all employees, working under a modern award where the standard award entitlements apply.
  • Casual Employment Agreement is suitable for those employees hired on an informal, uncertain and irregular basis.
  • Individual Flexibility Agreement is an employment contract between a single employer and employee that modifies the application of a modern award or enterprise agreement.
  • Fixed Term Employment Agreement is used for work confined to the duration of a specific task or project. The agreement operates for a term specified by the parties automatically expiring once the agreed end date is reach.
  • Part Time Employment Agreement is suitable for those employees who work less hours than full-time employees and receive all the entitlements of full-time employees but on a proportional basis.
  • Employment Contract Pack includes all of our employment and contractor agreements plus an employee confidentiality agreement.

We also offer Contractor Agreements

Sometimes referred to as a Service Agreements these Contractor agreements are quite flexible and easily adapted to most industries.

And of course if you need them all see our Value Packed My Growing Business Employment Pack

My Growing Business Employment Agreement Bundle

Value Packed My Growing Business Employment Bundle

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