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Defacto Agreements

Defacto agreements are covered by particular legislation according to the state you live in.

Since March 2009 financial matters relating to defacto relationships are regulated by the (Federal) Family Law Act 1975 for all Australian states except for Western Australia.

Financial agreements (FA) pertaining to defacto relationships whether they are heterosexual or same sex, include cohabitation (before and during) and separation .

We offer a complete range of financial agreements which comply with the appropriate legislation.

Each FA kit includes a instruction manual that explains the law as it applies to each agreement. The guide walks you through the process of completing your FA. The guide also includes alternative legal clauses and provisions that you can use to personalise your document.

Select the FA for your domestic situation

NSW, QLD, Victoria, South Australia, ACT, Northern Territory, Tasmania.

90UB. Before de facto relationship

90UC. During de facto relationship

90UD. De facto Separation

Same Sex Gay Male and Same Sex Female couple

Western Australia (Family Court Act 1997) defacto agreements

Sect 205ZN. Before defacto relationship.

Sect 205ZO. During defacto relationship.

Sect 205ZP de facto Separation

Same sex couples in WA can use any of the above WA agreements.

The kit includes

  • the financial Agreement
  • an easy-to-follow instruction manual
  • sample agreement and several sample clauses to assist you in drafting your own professional document.

grey star defacto agreementsAccess the Financial Agreement Review Service to complete the legal requirements

The Act stipulates that each party involved in making a FA has to receive independent legal advice before signing the contract. This prohibits either party from arguing that, when signing the agreement, they
did not understand what they were agreeing to.

Our fixed price review service is available as an option with all these contracts.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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