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Referral Agreement Template

“It’s a fact: People would rather do business with people they know–or know of–than with strangers.”*

Because of this, referrals form the marketing backbone for a myriad of businesses, without which, many would struggle to survive.

Car dealers often refer business to finance brokers. Those working in the financial services field often refer clients to law firms and everyone has an accountant they recommend.

You can leverage the power of referrals to boost your bottom line

referrer agreement

A referral agreement will define how much is paid for the lead (referral) and under what circumstances.

A loyal following of clients gives you authority and a level of trust often envied by others. When your clients trust you, they trust your recommendations and leveraging this resource is an excellent way to supplement your bottom line and add value to your business.

Understandably, after nurturing your client relationships you would not want a referral to undo all your good work and damage your reputation, which is why it is crucial to set down the terms of your arrangement in writing.

Referral Agreement Sample – Video

Whether you are providing leads by referring clients to a favoured business or you rely on introductions from others, a referral fee agreement will define how much is paid for the lead and under what circumstances.

A robust referrers agreement will cover issues like;

  • How will the referral fee be calculated?  Will it be a set fee per client referred?  Or will it be a percentage of the fees billed to the client?  There are many ways that a referral fee can be worked;
  • The logistics of accounting to and remunerating the referring party.  How and when will the referral fees be calculated and paid;
  • Setting and maintaining quality performance standards to ensure that your clients are receiving a high quality service.
  • Putting certain boundaries and restraints in place.  For example, you may wish to specify that the service provider does not perform any of the services that you provide in respect of your referred clients.
  • Ensuring compliance with applicable laws which may apply, such as the National Credit Act and ASIC’s regulatory guides;
  • Ensuring confidential information and intellectual property are protected;
  • Exit clause (termination of the Agreement) – Things don’t always go to plan, and you need to establish up-front how the Agreement be ended if things don’t work out as you hoped for.

Our Referral Agreement template covers all these important areas and has the flexibility to adapt to your needs.

Benefits of Referral agreement template kit

In fact this Kit includes two versions of the Referral Agreement Template

  • One has been drafted from the perspective of the person who is providing a Product or Service and engaging a lead generator.
  • The other is drafted from the perspective of the person who will be generating leads or referrals for the company who are providing the product or service.

These two documents will work well in any of the fields mentioned above as well as many others.

Referral Agreement Sample Images

Note: the sample reflects Version 2 where the service provider is dictating the terms to the referrer.

Referrer Services Contract Sample

Referral Agreement Template Sample 2

There are a countless number of businesses and professions that use referrals to generate additional business and to grow their client base.

Types of businesses that find this referral agreement template most suitable include;

  • Real Estate agents who often need a real estate referral agreement between themselves and a favourite mortgage broker.
  • Mortgage brokers may use a brokers referral agreement with a respected financial planner and
  • financial planners often use a finders fee agreement or similar with a sales agent.

Other popular applications for these two documents include providing a starting point for an insurance brokers referral agreement, introducer agreement, accountants referral fee agreement, or medical referral agreement.

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