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Commercial and Retail Property Leases

  • Commercial Property Lease

    Use a Commercial Property Lease agreement whenever you wish to rent the premises such as offices, warehouses or industrial property in Australia.

  • Retail Property or Shop Lease kit

    For the leasing of shops (selling and supplying goods and services in a retail environment) where the shop is not within a shopping mall. For example shops in strip.

  • Retail Lease Disclosure Statements

    A disclosure statement should be given to a prospective retail tenant by the landlord during retail tenancy negotiations. The disclosure statement outlines all the relevant aspects of the lease so that the prospective tenant is able to make a sound business decision with regard to the leasing arrangement.

  • Assignment of Lease

    This document can be used to transfer the rights and obligations of a lease from the existing tenant to another party.

    This is suitable for Residential, Commercial and Retail Commercial Leases assignments.

  • Commercial Property Sublease

    Use this document when a tenant leasing a commercial premises wants to sublet the premise for a portion or the balance of the term to another party.

  • Agreement Between Tenants in Common

    This is used whenever two or more parties wish to buy a home, commercial property or other piece of real estate together.