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Leasing and Property

General Leasing

Rectifying a mistake in the terms of a contract

Yes, sometimes factors exist which will impact on an otherwise valid contract and if the mistake concerns a fundamental matter, the mistaken party can apply to the courts for relief. We look at different types of mistakes and how a mistake can be rectified.

Renting a car parking space? You need a car parking space licence

Car parking spaces in crowded cities can be hard to come by which is why renting your own can be a smart economic decision. It doesn’t really matter whether you are a commercial car parking enterprise, or a private owner, you should document your arrangement in a Car Park Space Licence Agreement.

Three Reasons why a Verbal Lease can turn into a Booby Prize

It may be seem like a generous act of goodwill to allow your tenant to move in before finalising your lease – but this decision can have big consequences for you down the track. We examine the three main reasons why you should resist the temptation to let your tenant move in before they have signed on the dotted line.

Stating the Parties to a Contract correctly

It might seem very basic, but it is vital to get the names of the entities or “parties” correct when drafting a legal document. Stating the parties formally and accurately gives you certainty that there can be NO question about the parties’ intentions later, especially if the particulars are changed or forgotten. We look at the different types of “parties” and the correct way to record the information.

Is a verbal agreement legally binding?

Verbal agreements can be legally binding and in fact many business and personal transactions are conducted purely on a handshake. But if things go wrong, it can be very difficult to sort the matter out or to even prove the agreement existed.

Info graphic – Expenses you can claim for your Rental Property

If you own a Commercial rental Property you can claim the following list of expenses as a tax deduction as long as the expenses were incurred during the period your property was rented or available for rent.

Unilateral severance of Joint Tenancy

Sever Joint TenancyMany couples enter into co-ownership of property as joint tenants but sometimes this arrangement is no longer appropriate and it needs to be changed. We examine the circumstances under which you may want to sever a joint tenancy. It is a straight forward process that can be done by either party without the permission of the other co-owners.

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