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NSW Pre Retail Lease Steps

Retail Leasing laws are quite stringent and there are particular steps you need to follow to ensure your lease is valid.

The landlord must provide the following to the tenant:-

  • A copy of the proposed Lease and the Retail Tenancy Guide as soon as negotiations begin.

    The landlord must not offer the shop for lease unless the landlord has a copy of the proposed Lease available for inspection by the prospective tenant in written form (but not necessarily including particulars of the tenant, the rent or the term).

  • A Disclosure Statement.

The landlord must give the tenant a Disclosure Statement at least 7 days before the Lease is entered into by the tenant.

The Tenant must provide the Landlord with:

The tenant is also required to provide a tenant’s Disclosure Statement, no later than 7 days after receiving a landlord’s Disclosure Statement (or within such further period which the landlord agrees). This document is included as part of the Landlords Disclosure Statement in our Retail Lease Kit.

NSW Retail LEase Steps Timeline

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