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Registering a Commercial or Retail Lease in Queensland (QLD)

Do I need to register my commercial or retail lease?

Some state laws require you to register the lease as a matter of course.  Other states generally don’t require leases to be registered, or leave it up to you as to whether you wish to do so or not. The information below outlines the rules for QLD.

Some of the most common reasons to register your lease are:-

  • to protect the tenant’s leasehold interest in the land against other dealings.  For example, a lease registered over the land will continue in the event the land is ever sold to a third party.  The new owner of the property will be bound to the terms of a lease registered over the land, as the lease attaches to the land, so to speak;
  • that it may be a legal requirement in your state;
  • to have an official record of the lease document on public record.  This is useful in the event of a misunderstanding or dispute.  It also enables interested parties such as lenders or prospective purchasers, to view the dealings registered over the land.

If I decide to register my lease, what do I need to do?

You will need to lodge your Lease Agreement with the Land Titles Office in your State or Territory (the name of the office dealing with Land Titles will vary from state to state).

In most states, the Land Titles Office supplies a one or two page Form of Lease that is required to be lodged for registration.  This Form is available as a free download from the Land Titles Office in each State or Territory.

The actual terms and conditions of the Lease, usually contained in the Lease Agreement itself, are then attached to the Land Titles Office form as an attachment or annexure.  The Form, the Lease Agreement attachment, Certificate of Title and the set fee will need to be lodged with the Land Titles Office for registration.  If all is in order, the Lease is recorded on the Certificate of Title for the property.

Do I need to register my Commercial Lease in QLD?

Your lease will still be valid even if it is not registered. However, we recommend leases over 3 years be registered to achieve indefeasibility and protect the Tenant’s interest in the land should the property be sold to a third party (ss71, 184 & 185(1)(b) Land Titles Act, 1994).

What do I need to do to register my Commercial lease in QLD?

To register the Lease, you will need to lodge the following at QLD Department of Lands together with the necessary lodgement fee:-
1. The Certificate of Title (if issued).
2. Form 7 Registration of Lease. This form can be downloaded from the Department of Lands website here:-

3. Lease.
This is not a definitive guide to registering your Lease. For more information, contact the Department of Lands, or refer to their Directions on completing the Form 7 that can be downloaded from the Department of Lands website here:-

What do I do now?

All of the necessary information and documents are contained in the Commercial Lease Agreement Template Kit for Queensland – the Kit provides you with all the resources you need to create and register your own lease.

Download Commercial Lease Template for QLD

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