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Business Dispute? Don’t Litigate, Mediate! by Daniel Hall, Attorney at Law

Despite the best intentions of the parties business relationships sometimes sour. Both sides may view their respective position as reasonable and their business practices as ethical. However, it is well known within the law that reasonable minds can differ. When positions grow roots and refuse to bend business disputes can and do occur.

Depending on what is at stake the business people involved in the dispute may think about filing a lawsuit especially when informal efforts to resolve the dispute fail. To be sure, courts of law are places to resolve disputes. But they are not particularly efficient or cost effective at least not from the perspective of the person trying to run a business.

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About the Author

Daniel Hall, is an attorney and mediator. His mediation practice is based on the South Side of Corpus Christi,Texas and he enjoys helping businesspeople resolve their conflicts through the mediation process.