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Latest Contract Updates

The following contracts have been recently reviewed and updated and if you have purchased them previously you will find the updated version of the contract in your members area free of charge.

Commercial Property Lease

An extra separate Lease Agreement has been added which provides that all the outgoings are covered by the tenant instead of the Landlord. Learn More about Commercial Property Leases

Tenants in Common Agreement

Because there are a number of variations in how a Tenants in Common Agreement can be structured, it is difficult to provide a single document that would cover the needs of every customer. Therefore, our solution is to provide three separate agreement templates to cover the most common joint ownership situations.

  1. Jointly owned property which will be occupied by the co-owners of the property;
  2. Jointly owned property where it is purchased as an investment property and will be rented to a third party;
  3. Jointly owned property which will be occupied by one of the Co-owners but not the other.

Learn More about Tenants in Common Agreements

Consulting Services Agreement

This agreement has been updated to strengthen the confidentiality and restraint provisions.

Learn More about Consulting Services Agreements

Individual Flexibility Employment Agreement and Users Guide

The User Guide has been updated and now contains sample provisions / clauses to help you demonstrate that your employee is better off overall.

Learn More about Individual Flexibility Employment Agreements

Shareholders Agreement

This agreement is now tighter, more detailed and robust.

Learn More about Shareholders Agreements